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Tick tock tick tock I looked at my watch. It was 8.15am 20 minutes later... I looked at my watch again. 8.35am… The speaker was supposed to start his presentation at Still there were no sign of him. I was not the only one who was waiting for him. There were 200 other participants. We were in the hall since 7.30am Everyone was restless. The organiser apologised for the delay. They say he was the best. I thought he was too… But after 35 minutes of waiting, I began to wonder…. You see, time management is very important. As a speaker, you should avoid being late for your presentation. Unless of course, there was an emergency or something happened which was beyond your control. However, when a speaker or a presenter is always late, I can assure you it’s not a good thing. Why does it matter? Why speakers and time management are inseparable? Why should you (as a speaker) understand the importance of time management? Now let me tell you why. 1) G