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Why Everyone Should Learn Public Speaking?

The other day, i came across a beautiful quote by Bryant H. McGill. He quotes, 'Words are powerful. Words change lives. Words and ideas change the world'.            I completely agree. It is the exact reason why everyone should acquire public speaking skills. Say those powerful words out loud and make a difference.            We have seen throughout history how powerful speeches changed the world, the way people think and feel. In the new era where gadgets rule the universe, humans must learn how to speak up.               No matter who you are and what you do for a living, learning the skills of public speaking is going to benefit you. Here are the reasons why you should learn public speaking: Boost up your confidence level and self-esteem.   One needs courage to stand in front of people and speak. Being able to speak in front of people will make you see a different perspective of yourself. You will be better, braver and have more self confidence.