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Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Why do you listen to speeches? Are you bored and you have nothing else to do? Do you have this weird habit of listening to people talking? Or maybe you are being forced to listen to these presentations by your bosses? My guess is; you listen to speeches because you want to learn something from these speakers. You want to get valuable information. In other words, you are looking for great speech content. Of course, listening to a speaker with good sense of humour may lighten up your day. However, if the speech does not give you what you seek, why do you listen to the speech? Am I right? Now, another question, let say you are the speaker, do you know which one is more important? Is it the way you deliver your speech? Or is it the content of your speech? Well, you know the saying, ‘content is king’. No matter how good you are at delivering a speech, it all comes down to what you can do for your audience. So the real