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Are you going to give a speech soon? Did someone invited you to give a speech and you are free to talk about anything you want? Or do you have a Toastmasters meeting coming up and it is your turn to give a speech? What will your speech topic be? Are you still thinking about it? Maybe you are still looking for one? You are still not sure where to get some ideas for your speech topic? In my humble opinion… Before you find your speech topic, please remember these: a)Always talk about something that you know very well. It will be easier for you to talk about it and it shows your credibility because you know exactly what you are talking about. b)Find a topic that people will be interested to listen to.    No matter how strong you feel about any topic, you need to consider other people’s interest in the topic as well because they will be your listeners. C)Understand your speech purpose Speech purpose means why do you want to give a speech?  What are y