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Yes, I believe… I believe that you should be the best version of you. You must be bold enough to challenge yourself and explore new and exciting things in life. What better way to do it than learning new skills? One skill you definitely need to acquire is the public speaking skills. And to those who wish to learn this skill, I must congratulate you for having such courage and initiative . You shall never regret it. Because I never regret it. I decided to learn public speaking some time ago and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made . Looking back to my past experience, I have come up with some tips (Well, I prefer to call it as guidelines) that may be useful for beginners in learning public speaking and I want to share them with you. So here are the Guidelines that might help you in your public speaking journey. 1)Take One Step at A Time I know you can get really excited about learning how to speak for the first time. You just cannot wait to b