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Are you a speaker? Or do you want to be one? With some practice, anyone can be a speaker but not everyone can become a great speaker. What does it mean by a great speaker ? A great speaker is a speaker who brings value to a speech. Someone who speaks with high standard of excellence. A speaker who is worth listening to because his or her speech has meaning and benefits others. A speaker who possesses certain characteristics or traits. So how to become a great speaker? 1)Give Your Best in Every Speech A great speaker will always deliver a good quality speech. And to be able to come up with a good quality speech, speakers must put some effort into their speech. If you want to become a great speaker, you must give your best in your speech. Do not give a speech just for the sake of giving a speech. Take your time to write a good speech. Decide on your topics with some consideration and research your topics well. Please ensure that your points are relevant, base