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How To Organize A Speech?

    It is quite simple actually. The reason why  people deliver speeches is to convey messages   to others.      For example;     1) To explain how good a product is and convince people to buy the product.    2) To explain the importance of looking after  our health and to persuade people to lead a  healthy life.        3) To tell a story of a struggling singer and inspire others to never give up on their dreams.      In order to get the message through, the audience or your listeners must understand the speech. What good is a speech when nobody gets it? The way to make this happen is to organise your speech. So how do you organise your speech? A well-organised speech must have;  (in the right order)       1) The introduction of speech       2) The body of speech       3) The conclusion of speech The Introduction of Speech I am sure you know what an introduction is but I am going to explain it to you anyway. An introduction is words/sentences

Why Speech Fails?

Picture this. You are at a marketing seminar. You are in a hall with 300 other people. You are listening to this speaker (a marketing expert) who is delivering a presentation on how to promote your product. It is 10.15 am. Your eyes are getting heavier. Your stomach is growling. There are voices in your head saying,” When is he going to stop talking? What is he talking about?” You are trying so hard to stay awake. Have you ever been in this situation before? I know. I’ve been there too. Please don’t feel bad. It’s just a case where a speaker lost the audience. Honest truth, I made some mistakes myself when I gave speeches some time ago. Ha-ha! Guilty as charged! It took me a while to realise that I was responsible in putting people to sleep. That’s when I learned from my mistakes and eventually improved myself. So why some speeches fail? Here are some reasons why some speeches fail. I hope by sharing this with you, you will not make the same mistakes that I did.

How To Learn Public Speaking?

Hmm…I see that you have decided to learn public speaking in spite of my warnings in my last blog. Way to go! I’m sure the next question that cross your mind is, “How do I begin? How to learn public speaking? Where do I start?” Fear not. You can start anywhere. There are no right or wrong answers. You can learn any skill by choosing methods which suit you well. Here are some suggestions on ways to learn public speaking.  Some of the suggestions may work for you but may not work for others and vice versa. Please go through the list of suggestions and decide for yourself .       Read books on public speaking. Do you remember what I told you in my last blog? I warned you that in the process of learning this skill, you will make many mistakes. Therefore, the best way to minimise mistakes is by gaining as much information as possible.  One effective way to get information is by reading books. Even in this new high tech world of ours, there are still many good books i

Public Speaking: Please Be Warned

One Sunday morning, you wake up and say to yourself," Yes! I want to learn how to speak in public." Wow! Congratulations! That is great! Wonderful! Awesome! Then you start imagining yourself delivering an inspiring speech on stage at a famous convention centre. You are imagining yourself speaking confidently, wearing a nice grey corporate suit, giving your best smile to a large audience. You are imagining the audience cheering for you and giving you a big round of applause and.... Now wait a minute! Stop right there! Hold that thought! Before you go any further, I think i should warn you. There are a few things you have to know before you get all excited. Public speaking warning 1# Public Speaking will scare you to death Well, i don't think public speaking can kill you. At least not literally. Nevertheless you will start sweating. Your hands and body trembling. Your heart will beat faster. You will have difficulties to breath and the wor