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Public Speaking Secrets : How To Tell A Story

A Story Tells It all Our life is full of stories. In fact, our life is a story. Our story began when we were born. Then, we went through many ‘plots’ in life. We are still going through them right now. The ending might be a bit tragic or maybe it will be a wonderful one. (We will eventually find out. That’s for sure.) Sometimes, we laugh, sometimes we cry and at times we can be out of our minds! I love stories. I grew up listening to stories told by my late grandmother. She told me many fascinating stories. You can call me a bookworm anytime. Reading story books has always given me great pleasure.  Fairy tales were my old time favorite. Once I became an adult, I realized fairy tales are just stories to uplift your spirit once in a while. Fairy tales are stories that are not even close to reality. Although I must say, fairy tales makes my heart smile. Who would imagine a cat wears a hat and a boot? A delicious looking gingerbread man runs away from the oven? A frog tu

Public Speaking Tips : What Are You Going To Talk About?

How To Find Your Speech Topic? What am I going to talk about? This might be the first question which crosses your mind when you are asked to give a speech. Yes. Finding a topic for your speech is not always easy. At times it can be quite complicated and time consuming. So how do you choose a speech topic? First, take a deep breath. You can’t think of a speech topic when you are not relaxed. Can you? Next, you can read some helpful tips I listed below. Tips 1: Know Your Speech Purpose If you read my recent post titled ‘Why Are You Giving a Speech’, you should be able to identify your speech purpose by now.  Click here .  If you have not read it, it is alright. Let me explain about it to you very briefly. In order to decide what you are going to talk about, you must first determine why you are speaking in the first place. Is it to inform your audience? Is it to persuade your audience? Is it to entertain your listeners? Or is it to inspire them? Once you

Why Are You Giving A Speech?

Do you know what your purpose in life is? Is it to write the best pop song ever made? Is it to become a renowned soccer player in the world? Or is it to help other people achieve their wildest dream (whatever that maybe)? Do you know why you go to work every day? Is it just for the money? Or you can’t stand staying at home all day? Or is it to reach your fullest potential? Do you even know why you are reading my blog? Is it because you want to improve your public speaking skills? Is it because you love reading online blogs? Or is it because you are just being nice? No matter what are your reasons, I thank you for reading my blog :)) I really appreciate it. Alright back to our topic. Everything has its purpose. We all have reasons behind why we do the things we do. Without it, we will be lost. We will be confused. We will have no directions. Yes. The same applies to public speaking. (Yes, my favourite phrase. I know.) Speaking without a purpose is like ‘drivin

Cool Ways To Make Your Speech Unforgettable

Well done! You did everything by the book. Your speech was well organised. You delivered your speech with absolute confidence. Your vocal variety was excellent and you used many facial expressions. So was it a good speech? Yes. Maybe it was a good speech. Was it a great speech? No. Maybe it was not a great speech. Believe it or not, it is actually easy to come up with a good speech. But the most challenging thing to do is to write and deliver a great speech; a speech which no one will forget. The unforgettable speech is a speech that touches people’s heart and makes a huge positive impact on them. There were many unforgettable speeches in history like the speeches delivered by Theodore Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King. These are just some examples (there are many blogs and articles online about unforgettable speeches. Do check it out). Well, you don’t need to be a famous person to deliver a great speech. You only need to be a great person