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Yesterday, I was talking to a friend when suddenly she asked me, “Hey, do you know how to end a speech?”.  When I heard her question, suddenly it occurred to me that not many people have asked me that. Most people are more interested to know how to start a speech. Do you know that ending a speech is as important as starting a speech? Have you ever watched any movie that sort of left you hanging? The movie started out great with an interesting plot. But there was no ending! You had no clue what happened in the end and had to make your own conclusion. You felt really disappointed. I am not sure about you but this type of movie does not impress me at all . The same thing applies to the end of a speech. The ending gives you a better understanding of the speech. It is the last one connecting to the dots. Without it, the speech will be incomplete. Ending your speech effectively shall reinforce your points, leaving a trace in your audience hearts and give them the feeling