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Nowadays, it is hard to get by without doing a presentation. In the working world, there is no escape.  You need to do presentations for your bosses, the board of directors and for your clients.  You give presentation every time you sell your product or promote your services to your future customers. Presentation is important because it is one way to present ideas and information to others. However, the effectiveness of a presentation relies on many factors. You must ensure that you deliver a good presentation. Otherwise, it will only be ‘speaking’ without an impact. You will not get the results that you are looking for. So how can you determine an effective presentation? The real question is; what makes a good presentation? 1) Well-prepared Admit it. Preparation is necessary in most of the things you do in life. A good presentation is a presentation that is well-planned and well-managed. A presentation that is not well prepared will usually lead to disasters.