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Do you have a funny bone? Are you funny? Do you have any sense of humour? Do you make people laugh? Can you tell a joke? Can you take a joke? Seriously, I never consider myself as a funny person. Some people say I am witty when I speak. I have no idea whether that is true because I can’t even make a cat smile! I have a friend who is so funny that you burst out laughing every time he opens his mouth. He is like a life comedy sitcom! I guess some people are funnier than others huh? Humour comes in difference ways in our life. It touches our hearts when least expected. Our life is as stressful as it is, sometimes you can’t even put a smile on your face. Laughing is good for you. A simple chuckle can make you breathe again. Laughing makes you happy. When you are happy, positive energy kicks in . Now, can you imagine what humour will do to your speech? By adding some humour into your speech, your audience will find you more interesting and your speech much mor

6 Myths About Public Speaking

One thing I’ve learned in my life… Don’t believe everything you hear. It might be false. It might not be the truth. Probably, it is just an assumption or an unproven theory. It can be things that some people talk about, believing it is true which turns out not true at all. Maybe it is just a myth. There was a time in my life when I actually believed in myths. I’m not talking about Hercules, Poseidon or King Midas, even though their stories are pretty interesting. I’m referring to the myths of public speaking. Yes, public speaking is no exception to myths. I was naive. I had no experience in public speaking back then. Only after I persistently deliver speeches that I realised some things I heard all these while are not entirely true. We tend to believe in myths because many people believe in them. Therefore we assumed that the myths are real. Sometimes, we are the ones who invented those myths ourselves. The right way to deal with this is to find out whether it is ju

Let's Talk About Visual Aids

"Nooo!! Don't cut my hair!" The look on Thor's face as Stan Lee was about to cut his hair was hilarious. I laughed out loud like nobody's business. I watched the movie ‘Thor Ragnarok’ with my family the other day. What can I say? I am a die-hard fan of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. Luckily, this is a public speaking blog. If this is a movie review blog, I can go on and on and on and on….I can remember the plot, the script and the whole movie. Don’t worry. No spoilers here. Well, at least not yet. Just kidding! You must be asking, ‘why is she talking about a movie?’ What does that have to do with public speaking? Now, hear me out. I mean, read me out. You see, I like to link or connect a great movie with a great speech presentation. For me, the same thing applies. We learn from listening, seeing, touching, experiencing (feelings or actual event) and by understanding. Other than that, a good movie reminds me of the power of visual aids. Can you

3 Things You Must Always Do To Be A Good Speaker

Do you have a friend who looks good at her age? She is nearly 50 but she is in a great shape. Her skin is flawless and not a wrinkle in place. Anyone can easily make a mistake by thinking that she is still in her 30’s. She must be doing something right! And do you know anyone who is so good at giving a speech? It seems that this person makes no error at all. It is as if the words just come out from the speaker’s mouth and go straight into your ears. The speech always sounds like beautiful music coming down from the sky. How does this person do it? Could it be magic? Well, of course not. Perhaps they are just lucky? Maybe they are blessed with great health, great looks and great talent? That might be one of the reasons. But the truth is; it is because these amazing people do things differently than normal people. I started giving a speech when I was in school. I was alright but not great. I gave speeches just like any others youngsters at my age. Back then, I have seen s