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I always believe in this. There must be some good traits in all of us. What is a trait in the first place? Most definition found define trait as characteristic or quality possess by a person. Traits will determine how a person behaves and how a person does things. Good traits are obviously better than bad traits. Take a teacher for an example. A good teacher must be a dedicated person. Meanwhile a judge should be a fair judge. And a good father needs to be a responsible dad. These traits are important to have in order to be successful in their jobs and in their life. What about a public speaker or a presenter? Do you need to have certain traits to be a better speaker? Yes, of course you do. There are actually many positive traits that every speaker should have. So, which one of those traits is the most important? Don’t worry. I have combined those traits and came out with a list. Here are the 5 combination of traits that you should have in doing what you love the most


Oh! I wish I started ballet when I was younger! Oh! Why didn’t I join a drama class earlier? Oh no! I should have learned to swim when I had the chance! Yes. We often hear people saying this. Or perhaps we say these words ourselves. The truth is; it is always good to learn any skill at a young age. When we were children, we were fast learner and have better memory than we do today. But we usually wait until we are older to learn a skill. Maybe we were just unlucky. We didn’t get the opportunity to learn the skills when we were small. Do you have kids? Do you know any kids? Maybe your line of job involves kids? Maybe your next door neighbours have kids? Kids are fascinating little people. They are playful, adorable, and energetic. And they are always curious too. I have two of my own and I adore them very much. Believe me, sometimes they ask too many questions. ;) This is the right time to teach them useful skills that shall benefit them one day. An early expos


Are you entering the speech contest this year? If yes, then good for you! But if you are still not convince whether to join a contest or not, just read my recent post about why you should join a speech contest.  Read Here Whatever you decide, here are some speech contest tips and stage tips that I wish to share with you. These are based on my humble experience when I was competing for speech contests for Toastmasters. However, these tips are general tips which will also be useful in any speech contest, not only apply to Toastmasters. These tips are about what you need to do before the contest, during and after the contest.  I hope it can be a great help to you in any way :) BEFORE THE CONTEST The Preparation In anything we do in life, preparation is very important. Speech contest is no exception to the rule. By being well-prepared, you can control you nervousness and have more self-confidence. Preparation makes things easier and ensures everything runs smoothly. 


Have you ever thought of joining a speech contest? Are you planning to join the contest this year? Maybe it is one of your new year’s resolutions? Perhaps you have been thinking about it for some time now yet you are still not sure if you should. You are probably saying to yourself,” it looks exciting but I don’t think I’m ready. Besides, what if I lose? The other contestants must be experienced speakers. How am I going to compete with them? I will only end up embarrassing myself”. Yes, I know exactly how you feel and I know what you are thinking. I’ve been there. I won some, I lost some and I had my own embarrassing moments too. Well, you are right about one thing; competing for a speech contest can be rather mind-blowing. Before you say anything, please let me explain. I am not here to promote speech contests for any organisation or organisers. I just want to share with you what I went through, the best thing I’ve learnt from joining a speech contest and the real