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There I was sitting quietly, starring into space. I was listening to a speaker who was telling us about his theories in details. I had to admit, the speaker’s explanation was in depth, comprehensive and his ideas were brilliant! Unfortunately, there was one little problem. I was BORED. I wanted to listen to his speech. I wanted to know all about his ideas. Honestly, I wanted to. But my eyes were heavy. And my mind was drifting away. I felt drained. I could not pay attention to the speaker. It was so hard to focus! A t that moment, I was hoping that the speaker could do something to get me interested again. OH, how I wished he could make his speech more entertaining! FAST FORWARD.  M any years later... Yes. I know exactly what you are thinking. You are saying,” The speaker was giving an informative speech, not an entertaining speech. His speech was not supposed to be entertaining. Hey, give the man a break!” Well… In my defense, I was not