Please make your speech more entertaining

There I was sitting quietly, starring into space. I was listening to a speaker who was telling us about his theories in details. I had to admit, the speaker’s explanation was in depth, comprehensive and his ideas were brilliant!
Unfortunately, there was one little problem.

I was BORED.

I wanted to listen to his speech.

I wanted to know all about his ideas.

Honestly, I wanted to.

But my eyes were heavy.

And my mind was drifting away.

I felt drained.

I could not pay attention to the speaker.

It was so hard to focus!

At that moment, I was hoping that the speaker could do something to get me interested again.

OH, how I wished he could make his speech more entertaining!

FAST FORWARD. Many years later...

Yes. I know exactly what you are thinking.

You are saying,” The speaker was giving an informative speech, not an entertaining speech. His speech was not supposed to be entertaining. Hey, give the man a break!”


In my defense, I was not complaining about him giving an informative speech. In fact, I love informative speech. Informative speech is very…hmm…informative!

Some people may believe that when a speaker delivers a speech with the intention of giving information, the speaker’s approach should be formal in a way.

I must disagree.

One must not forget that the reason for delivering a speech is to convey message to an audience. If the audience are not able to receive the message, then the speech will fail.

So, even if the speaker has great knowledge to share, it would be useless if the audience refuse or are unable to take it in. (like what happened to me back then)

In other words, a speaker must ensure that the audience will be listening to the speech and absorb the information. Therefore, it is vital to attract the audience’s attention. One way to gain your audience’s attention is to make your speech more entertaining!

How to make your speech more entertaining?

1)Talk about something interesting, amusing or exciting.

As a speaker, you must choose a suitable topic to talk about. You must find out whether your speech topic will be appealing to you audience. What makes your audience want to listen to you in the first place?

You may think your topic is super exciting (maybe you are right), but you need to see it from your audience’s point of views. Again, depends on who your audience are.

Bear in mind that the topic which you think is interesting may not be interesting to them. How can your audience enjoy listening to you if you are talking about something that they find boring? Talk about something interesting, amusing and exciting.

However, this does not mean you need to avoid speaking about a topic of your choice. You might have come up with fantastic ideas worth sharing. You may have useful information for others, even though it might be a dry subject. But how to talk about it without putting people to sleep?

What you can do is find a different approach or presenting your speech in a way that can hook and hold their attention. If you really have to speak about something less exciting, at least make it sound exciting!

2)Be Creative

What makes a speech entertaining? Make an effort and be a little creative. Entertaining means providing enjoyment. You want your audience to have a great time listening to your speech. You do not want them to dozed off while you are speaking.

Add some humor to your speech. Your topic might be a serious topic but you do not have to be serious all the time. Tell some jokes or funny stories. Make them laugh. Make them smile. Make them feel good inside.

You can also entertain them by telling captivating stories. Stories can keep them awake. Stories can help get the message across. Stories are like “advertisement breaks” between shows. Have some element of surprise in your speech. They will have a blast!

3)Speak with Energy and Have Fun!

Do you think your audience will enjoy your speech if you do not seem to be enjoying yourself giving a speech? When you go out there to speak to your audience, they can actually sense your vibes. Good vibes or bad vibes.

When a speaker speaks with enthusiasm, the audience will get excited as well. When a speaker speaks with positive energy, the audience will feel the energy too.  When a speaker is having fun delivering a speech, the audience will feel happy listening to the speech. Believe me, it is contagious!

So, you see...

It is always possible to make your speech more entertaining while talking about a serious topic. Your audience will appreciate a bit of enjoyment while trying to absorb all the information in your speech.

When your speech is informative and entertaining at the same time, they might never forget your speech. Just remember to have a balance and focus on achieving the real purpose of your speech. So, please make your speech more entertaining!

Written By: Intan Salwana Anis
@2019 Public Speaking Is Cool. All Rights Reserved.

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