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I dream a lot. Some of my dreams do not even make any sense. Some of my dreams may not necessary come true. But it makes me happy, positive and looking forward to life. I only need a little push, a little motivation. Does this happen to you too? What exactly is motivation? Imagine this…. One sunny day, you decide to ride a bicycle to the park. You take the bicycle out from your garage and sit on it. You are ready to ride a bicycle. Then you push the pedals and off you go! You pass a supermarket, a few traffic lights, and an ice cream shop and finally you arrive at the park. What will happen if you do not push the pedals? Then you will not be riding the bicycle and reach your park, right? You see, the park is your destination . The supermarket, the traffic lights and the ice cream shop representing what you go through before you reach your destination. And the act of pedalling the bicycle is your motivation .   Motivation is what drives you, what urge you and pu


I hate to admit it. But you and I are just humans. We humans tend to be judgemental, whether we realise it or not. We are prone to make assumption of what we see on the surface. Sometimes, it can be a good thing because it helps us to be less gullible or over-trusting. However, it can also be a bad thing for the reason that things don’t always appears the way it looks. As a speaker, your audience will form an opinion of you even before you open up your mouth to speak. And they will continue to judge you and determine whether you are worth listening to until you prove to them otherwise. When you are delivering a speech; during a seminar, conference or in classes, it is important to make sure your audience feel comfortable around you. How are you supposed to persuade, motivate or convey valuable information to your audience if they have negative perceptions of you at the very start? Just imagine that you are the audience. Try putting yourself in their shoes. T


Emotions... Emotions make humans different from the rest. Having emotions distinguish us from robots. Having emotions is what makes us humans. Feelings make us feel alive. Having emotions helps us to understand each other. The feeling of happiness for example, gives us the sense of satisfaction, blissfulness and joy. Anger protects us from other human beings despite the negative perceptions of anger. Sadness helps us to heal and teaches us how to deal with the facts of life. Being scared at times leads us to safety. It all depends on how you see it; positively or negatively. Either way, you can’t live without your emotions . You can feel emotions around you every day. You feel love when you kiss your adorable little boy in the morning. You feel angry when someone took your favourite pen without asking. You feel sad when your best friend forgot your birthday. You feel excited when you go out for your first date. Or any date. Emotions are everywhere. Even the film write


You can feel your heart beating faster. Your whole body starts trembling. You fingers are shaking. You are sweating in an air-conditioned room You wish you can run away Have you ever experienced this before? Hmm...Are you nervous? I have a confession to make. Nervous is my middle name. I get nervous all the time. It runs in my blood veins. I was nervous when I sat for my exams. I was nervous when I took my driving test. I was nervous when I acted in a play. I was nervous attending job interviews. And I’m always nervous every time I go up on stage to speak. I’m sure you get nervous too when you have to stand in front of an audience to speak. Here you are standing in front of these people and they are all looking straight at you. Suddenly your mind just stops working. You can’t remember what you are going to say! You open your mouth to speak but somehow the words you say sounds so different. You wish it was just a dream so you can wake up. Don’t worry; you are not th