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Connection… We all need connection… Don’t you just hate it when you try to surf the internet but there is no Wi-Fi connection? Don’t you just hate it when you go out for your first date and you realised there is no real connection? I know the feeling. It can be very frustrating. You see, connection is very important to us human beings. Without it, there will be no communication. And it’s not just about surfing the internet or getting the man or woman of your dreams… As a speaker or a presenter, do you have any idea how important it is to connect with your audience? Yes, it is very important. If you are not able to connect with them, your speech or presentation will not be effective. To be able to connect with your audience, you need to understand humans or in other words; people. So, what are the ways to connect with your audience? 1) Touch Their Hearts  In our everyday life, we like to be connected with others. We love to communicate with each other. We


Speakers. Public speakers. There are many public speakers around the world. Each of them has something to say. Each of them has messages to deliver. Some of them are well known to all of us. Meanwhile some of them remain anonymous and unrecognised. Have you ever wondered why some speakers made great impact while others did not? Why people remember these individuals more than the others? What makes them different from the rest? The question is what makes a speaker unique? Here; I have come out with 3 things that make a speaker one of a kind. Let me know what you think. 1) Brilliant Ideas and Burning Passion Look around you. Read about the greatest speech ever made in history. What did these amazing speakers have in common? Yes. They all shared brilliant ideas and possessed incredible burning passion. All their speeches had a purpose. They created or invented something remarkable. They discovered fresh new exciting theories that no one has ever thought possible.