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You can call me weird. You can call this an obsession. The truth is…(And I am not ashamed to admit it) I am a quote lover! Yes! I finally said it… I just love quotes! I have always been intrigued by wise words written or spoken by anyone. I find quotes interesting, inspiring and uplifting. I enjoy reading quotes during my free time. And along the way, I found some brilliant ones. Here are some great quotes that I wish to share with you which are relevant to public speaking. I hope you love these quotes as much as I do :) 1) This one is simply brilliant and amusing at the same time. I totally can relate to this. A wise man speaks because he has something to say. In public speaking, it is always important to know why you wish to speak in the first place. There must be a reason, a purpose and meaning in giving a speech or delivering a presentation. There must be some content, substance and message in what you are saying. And a fool will speak because he has to