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You can't hide forever... I had many embarrassing moments in my life. I am not sure where to begin. I bet that you will laugh at me if I tell you my stories. But since this is a public speaking blog, I should just concentrate on the subject of how to deal with embarrassing public speaking moments.   Yes, I have been through this too. Not once but a few times.  Among all those embarrassing public speaking moments, there was one incident which made a big impact in my life. I still remember that day. I forgot my speech during a speech contest in front of so many people. It was so obvious that there was an awkward silence in the hall. Despite of my sudden ‘loss of memories’, I continued my speech until the end. When I came down from the stage, my friend came up to me and gave a pat on my back. “It’s OK. It wasn’t that bad”, she whispered. When I looked into her eyes, I knew she was feeling sorry for me . At that moment, I felt like hiding under the table