Yesterday, I was talking to a friend when suddenly she asked me, “Hey, do you know how to end a speech?”. 

When I heard her question, suddenly it occurred to me that not many people have asked me that. Most people are more interested to know how to start a speech.

Do you know that ending a speech is as important as starting a speech?

Have you ever watched any movie that sort of left you hanging? The movie started out great with an interesting plot. But there was no ending! You had no clue what happened in the end and had to make your own conclusion. You felt really disappointed. I am not sure about you but this type of movie does not impress me at all.

The same thing applies to the end of a speech. The ending gives you a better understanding of the speech. It is the last one connecting to the dots. Without it, the speech will be incomplete.

Ending your speech effectively shall reinforce your points, leaving a trace in your audience hearts and give them the feeling of satisfaction. A closure that will keep your audience thinking and make an impact.

Now, back to the question. How to end a speech?

The truth, your choices are endless. You just need to be a little creative and choose the right one. Know your speech purpose and decide what you want your audience to gain from your speech. You must also understand your speech content.

Here are a few ways to conclude your speech.

1)End your speech by summarizing the points that you are making.

This is what I like to call ‘The classic way’. In order to close your speech, you can make a summary of what you have said in your speech and relate the ending with the beginning or the title of the speech.

For example, …

I still remember that speech I gave a few years back. The title was “Reality Check”. It was a motivational speech about how to face the reality of life.

To conclude the speech, I decided to link the ending with the speech title.

“People who accept reality will move on with their life and become stronger than ever before. Life goes on. Face reality and you will be strong. Reality… checked!”

In another example…

I once gave a speech about King Henry VIII of England who divorced and beheaded his queens because he wanted a son and an heir to the throne.

My ending was simple…

“What Henry did not know was that Elizabeth ruled England for 45 years and established a powerful era in history. Elizabeth was not his son. She was his daughter!”

2)End your speech with a poem, a song, images, props, jokes or catchy words.

Like I mentioned earlier, your choices are countless. The closing of your speech can be funny and creative too. There are so many things you can do.

You can add on some element of suspense or curiosity by showing them a photo, an image or a prop related to the speech topic at the end of your speech.

You can recite a short poem or lyrics of a song to end the speech beautifully. You can add in some humor and make them laugh at your last remark. You can also end your speech by asking a question to make them think.

Besides that, you can use catchy words to end your speech;

For instance...

” Mirror-mirror on the wall, who is not the fairest of them all”

Use your imagination and sprinkle some magic of performing arts. Just make sure to relate your ending to your speech and to the points that you are making. There should be a connection between the closing and the speech content.

3)End your speech with a quote or a word of wisdom.

Alright, I have to admit. I like to end my speech on a positive note. If your intention is to motivate others, then end your speech with a quote or your own word of wisdom.

Let say you are delivering a speech about following your dreams.

You can end your speech by saying something like this,

“I will continue to climb until I reach my dream. It may take years but deep down I know. Eventually, I will get there. And so can you”

Or the word of wisdom from someone else…

“Like my grandfather used to say, “If you just sit around doing nothing, nothing good will ever come to you”

A quote or words of wisdom at the end of your speech can touches hearts, make your audience feel good and inspire them to take action.

So, do you have some ideas now on how to end a speech?

Remember, the way you end your speech can make a big difference. Never take it for granted. Ever.

If you deliver your speech effectively, It would be remembered indefinitely!
-Intan Salwana Anis-

Written By: Intan Salwana Anis
@2019 Public Speaking Is Cool. All Rights Reserved.

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